Supply Chain Partners

Partners for expanding your company with more focus. We are here for every IT hardware reseller in Europe.


We help you to grow towards your success.

Selling used mobile phones and laptops to consumers is a capital-intensive business. As a reseller you not only have to focus on the best quality and service, but also have to think day and night about decreasing stock values, purchasing and discussions with suppliers. Greenfield Distribution chose to focus on the supply chain by servicing resellers all over Europe. Through our dropshipping service we guarantee the best retail-ready product. With private label possibilities, extended warranty and sales forecasts we make sure you can focus on your marketing and customers. We help you to grow towards your success.


"The guys from Greenfield Distribution do what they say and say what they do. Our partnership is always very transparant, easy going and fair to both parties."

Satisfied customer

"If you are looking for something that nobody can offer, call these guys! Very big network and expierence in the market."

Satisfied customer

"Our company only buys the best Quality and with Greenfield Distribution we are very sure we have a partner who understands this."

Satisfied customer

"We were searching for a partner for developing our private label of packages and accessories. After talking to multiple suppliers Greenfield became our partner and succeeded very well."

Satisfied customer

about us

We believe the world’s economics of value delivery are rapidly changing. Value chains become shorter by introducing new technologies which eliminates stages of the value chain. We see this evolution will continue and accelerate in the next 20 years. These developments will expose added value of companies and will push them to differentiate even more.

Meanwhile technological development of hardware devices such as laptops and mobile phones is flattening which benefits the market for used hardware devices. At least until 2030 there is expected a massive exponential growth in the market for used mobile phones and laptops. The acceptance and maturity of used end products will keep on growing and improving in the coming years.

why choose us

Est. 50 years of experience
Altough the market for used electronics is quite young, our shareholders together have more then 50 years experience in this young market.
1200+ returning customers
We choose quality over quantity and relationship over quantity. We believe climbing the stairs step by step is better dan falling while trying to run it up.
120.000+ devices processed
Our people work day in day night to improve the process and deliver the best possible quality.