About us

We believe the world’s economics of value delivery are rapidly changing. Value chains become shorter by introducing new technologies which eliminates stages of the value chain. We see this evolution will continue and accelerate in the next 20 years. These developments will expose added value of companies and will push them to differentiate even more.

Meanwhile technological development of hardware devices such as laptops and mobile phones is flattening which benefits the market for used hardware devices. At least until 2030 there is expected a massive exponential growth in the market for used mobile phones and laptops. The acceptance and maturity of used end products will keep on growing and improving in the coming years.

focus on expertise

Resellers in the market for used mobile phones and laptops will even have to focus more on servicing the end-user and deliver excellent products and services. Focusing on higher service and products also requires more focus on the process and their expertise in the value chain. We believe this focus will lead to more growth and scalability. This focus will also require strong partners in the supply chain who also should focus on their expertise.

what we do

Greenfield Distribution buys and sells used mobile phones, laptops and accessories. With our experience we are able to differentiate ourselves in the supply chain. We are focused on becoming partners with resellers all over Europe. We bring everything in position for resellers to even focus more on their customer. Greenfield Distribution’s shareholders together have more than 50 years of experience in the market for used mobile phones, laptops and computers. Stock positions, fast delivery and high-quality end products through an online portal is how we make it easy.